Auxesis were a post-hardcore grunge/punk band from Brighton.  The band began in 2016 when singer/songwriter Mel Sanson started writing songs with lead guitarist Jack Rowan. Fuelled by a mutual interest heavy distortion, hard riffs & beautiful delicate melodies in alternative time signature's,  the two began recording original material & self recorded a 4 track demo. Alec Greaves joined the band on drums and the 3 piece went into the studio with Mark Roberts (Broker, Black Peaks) and recorded their debut EP, Swallow The Sun. Shows included The Cowley Club, The Quadrant, Sticky Mike's Frog Bar in Brighton and The Black Heart in London. The band's final show was on 3rd September 2017 at the Prince Albert in Brighton. 

The EP remains exclusive to the fans who bought their merchandise bundles which are available here

"Due to us all being in other musical projects Auxesis is no longer active, but we are very supportive of each other. If you want your band to be a full time career it has to come before everything. Auxesis wasn’t never really about that, it was just about writing whatever we felt at the time and getting it out of our system. I think we all just loved doing it. Sometimes it doesn’t have to go further than that." Mel Sanson